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About Your Business

What are the key points in the history of your business?

Tell us how it all started.
Who are your main competitors? *

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Tell us about your unique competitive advantage and the proof points that attest your value claims.
Tell us about your presentation

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Let us know about your brand values and what you want your brand to ultimately be and do.
If your brand were a person, which of the following word clouds do you feel would best describe them?

About your target market

Your Audience

Describe your audience...
And what is their socioeconomic status? *

Which of the following marketing inputs is most likely to influence your customers' buying decision? *

Your Impact

How do you want to persuade your audience?
Do you want to change behaviors (external change)
or change beliefs (internal change)?
Describe below how you want the audience to change after experiencing your presentation:
Name a belief you want the audience to change...

Name a belief you want the audience to adopt when you're done.

Name a behavior you want the audience to change...

Name the behavior you want the audience to demonstrate when you're done.

What else can you tell us about your customers, {{answer_19296283}}? *

Briefly describe their values, decision-making process and, if you already have a brand, how they currently perceive it.
About This Project

Your Core Idea

In a single sentence, write down the
Core Idea of your presentation.
What is the one message or idea you want
your audience to receive?
What are the consequences if
the audience doesn’t “get” the idea?

Your Core Idea

Write your Core Idea here...
Your Key Messages

Write down three to five key messages supporting your
Core Idea. Try to boil each message down to three to five words.

Core Idea

Key Message 1
Core Idea

Key Message 2
Core Idea

Key Message 3
Core Idea

Key Message 4
Core Idea

Key Message 5
Reality vs. Possibility
Effective presentations build a contrasting cadence
between realities (the current situation, history or consequences) and the possibilities (what can be
achieved, changed or solved).


List some of the realities facing your audience or relating
to your Core Idea (examples: current events, sales figures, risks, obstacles, competitive forces).


List some of the realities facing your audience or relating
to your Core Idea (examples: current events, sales figures, risks, obstacles, competitive forces).

Stories and Anecdotes

Create an idea list of personal stories, customer case studies, historical anecdotes or parables
you can use to support or illustrate the “realities and possibilities” recorded above.).

Call to Action

Identify clear and easily achievable action items for the audience.

Which of the following designs would suit your brand the best?

Which of these colors do you feel best represents your brand?

And if you had to choose one of these fonts for your brand, which would you choose?

What is your budget range for this project? *

Which services are you most interested in? *

What are your objectives and expectations for this project? *

Make sure to specify your deliverable requirements and deadlines, as well as any particular design standards or constraints you would like us to take into account.
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